Pick-Your-Own Strawberries at Coulson Ridge Farm

Strawberry Information for 2021 Pick your Own Season

Strawberry season is just around the corner and we are currently working on getting ready to open in late June for pick your own. We were looking fowad to a great season this year.  Unfortunatly mother nature threw us a curve ball at the end of May.   Our fields experienced a severe frost on May 28 and despite covering our fields with frost blankets we were unable to save many of the berries.  We are still planning on having pick your own this season but we are going to be limiting our hours for this year.   This may mean we will only be able to be open only 2-3 days a week to start.   

 Please keep in mind that the restictions for businesses in Ontario are changing on a regular basis so please check back to this site prior to coming to the berry patch in case we have had to make any changes.  

If you have been in contact with anyone with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 or if you are sick or feeling un-well, PLEASE REMAIN AT HOME. 

  • We expect PYO strawberries to start sometime in late June.   The exact date will depend on the weather between now and then.   We will post the start date and hours on our website and answeing machine as soon as it's been determined.
  • We will continue to accept Debit cards and cash in the berry patch for payment.     
  • New empty 2L and 3L baskets will be available for free if needed.
  • Even though picking berries is an outdoor activity we are expecting everyone in the patch to be wearing a mask while you are here.   


Frequently asked questions

When will berries start?

At the moment our estimated start date is around June 20-25.  This date may change based on growing conditions over the next weeks.

 Where are you located?

Our strawberries are grown at our Coulson Ridge Farm (82 Horseshoe Valley Road - between line 7 and line 8 - see map below)

How much are PYO Strawberries?

Price TBD   

Are there wagon rides available to the fields?

No.  Everyone is expected to drive their own vehicles to the fields.

Are there picnic facilities in the field?


Does the field close if it is raining?

We remain open during rain but will close the patch immediatly in the event of Lightning/thunder or other severe weather.

How will you be managing physical distancing this year?

All rows in our berry patch are assigned to pickers by staff members who are going to be tasked with making sure everyone stays 2m apart.   We will be placing pickers on alternate rows in the field instead of every row like we would in a normal year.   In order to make it easier for us to manage crowds we are asking that everyone try to limit the number of pickers from your household if possible.   During very busy times you may be expected to wait along the edge of the field while we try to get everyone properly separated.   In addition, we are providing all recommended PPE for our staff and protective screens at the checkout.    Anyone who refuses to follow physical distancing while in the patch will be asked to leave.

Are your berries organic?

No.   On our farm we use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) instead.  This means that while we do have chemicals on hand if they are needed we try very hard to avoid needing to use them through prevention methods such as cultivation, weeding, growing varieties that are more disease resistant, etc.  


Are your berries GMO’s (genetically modified organisms)?

No.   None of the produce we grow are GMO’s 


Can we bring children to the field?

Children are still able to come to the field this year.  However, since we are going to be enforcing physical distancing in the patch all children must stay with thier parents/guardians at all times.   

Can we bring pets to the field?

Pets are not allowed into the berry patch and customers should leave them at home instead of leaving them in vehicles (working animals exempt but they will need to remain at the edges of the berry fields).

Can we bring our own containers for picking?

Yes.   However, since we charge based on volume all containers must have a manufacturer’s label on them that clearly indicate the volume in Litres.  A hand written volume on the side of a container does not count.  We have empty baskets available if you need them.

How long does the season last?

A typical berry season in this area lasts for 3-4 weeks depending on weather.   Pick your own usually lasts for 2-3 weeks.

Can you accommodate Bus Groups?

No, we are not set up to accommodate buses in our fields.    

I don't want to Pick My Own... can I buy them already picked?

Yes! we will have fresh-picked berries daily (weather permitting) at the market shop, next to the greenhouses (596 Horseshoe Valley Road) once the season starts!  Price TBD